The weekly sermon isn’t the pastor’s story, it’s the story of Jesus risen from the dead for you.

If all you hear from the pulpit each week is politics, moralizing, and life-lessons then you’re probably starving for some good news. Don’t go hungry.

Lutherans believe that Jesus Christ sets the agenda for what the pastor should preach. Jesus himself said, “Feed my sheep.” He also said, “Preach the gospel.” The gospel is good news—not good advice, good morals, or good ideas. As a Lutheran church, we won’t starve you with more commands to do this or do that, we’ll feed you with the Savior who forgives the very people who don’t keep the commands of God. So feast your ears on some good news at St. Stephen Lutheran.

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highlighted Sermons

To give you a taste how we deliver the goods through Christ-centered preaching, we offer here several highlighted sermons preached at St. Stephen Lutheran Church. Take a listen and learn how Lutheran preaching feeds the sheep with the good news of Christ-for-us.


Blessing in the gospel
January 22, 2017

Parenting in the gospel
June 1, 2014

These days everyone wants to be #blessed. Social media is filled with posts of nice things and happy events, all in the name of being “blessed.” But what if our circumstances aren't all that great? In this sermon from January 2017, Pastor Caleb Bassett announces Christ’s radically different conception of what makes a person blessed—it comes not from your circumstance in life but your standing in heaven.

Graduation sermons are often full of good advice that parents want their kids to hear. But those sermons leave everyone starving for something more hopeful than our all-too-flawed efforts at parenting. In this sermon from June 2014, Pastor Caleb Bassett delivers a message of good news that you cannot save your children by your parenting, but God can save them by the blood of his Son.


God does the impossible in the gospel
October 18, 2015

God provides in the gospel
February 14, 2016

You may have heard Christian preachers direct you to your own effort to “do the impossible,” as if this was some sort of good news. The truth is that no amount of sacrifice or effort can do the impossible task of reconciling sinners to God. In this sermon from October 2015, Pastor Caleb Bassett offers the good news that although our task is impossible, our God is up to the task. In his Son even sinners inherit eternal life.

Preachers often whip their congregations into a frenzy with commands to sacrifice more and more for God, but endless exhortations to be more like the “heroes” of the Old Testament only reveal how unheroic we actually are. The Bible flips the script and says that God is the hero of the story—he provides the sacrifice, not us. In this sermon from February 2016, Pastor Caleb Bassett offers the good news that God provides what he requires—a perfect sacrifice to end the threat of death forever.