Sanctuary Studies

Religious discussions, admittedly, have a grim reputation, and they generally deserve it. Sanctuary Studies seeks to change the tone of the conversation.

The church should be a sanctuary to deal with doubts and grapple with hard questions. Better to explore challenges to the faith together first. Better to shed God's light on difficult topics than to grope around in the dark on our own.

That's what Sanctuary Studies is all about. We'll do the hard work of wrestling with contemporary issues, questions of doubt, and difficult scriptural doctrine. We'll do it in a way that is clear, direct, positive, and powerful. Together we'll address the challenges, deal with the doubts, and work to understand more and more each session that there is no better book for life and salvation than the Bible.

Upcoming Studies

Mark your calendar for the following upcoming studies. Topic suggestions may be submitted through the contact form on our website.

Past Topics

Listed below are past Sanctuary Studies topics. Get in touch if you are interested in more information about these topics or are interested in an encore presentation.