Men’s Breakfast Bible Study

On the first Saturday of each month the men of the congregation gather for breakfast and Bible study at Rainbow Oaks Restaurant just north of Fallbrook. Men’s Breakfast Bible Study is a chance to catch up with the events of the past month and focus our thoughts for a short time on the message of God's Word.

Men’s Breakfast Bible Study begins at 8:00am when we get a table at the restaurant and lasts until 9:00am.

current study

Strength Upon Strength

Reclaiming biblical manhood for godly men

Today’s culture of identity politics has threatened long-held standards of manhood. This has caused two predictable but unfortunate reactions: some have labeled as bigotry the effort to cultivate the virtue of manhood while others have asserted a comic book caricature of what makes “real men.” Biblical manhood is something different altogether—both timeless and timely, strong and subtle. In this 2017 study, the men of St. Stephen Lutheran will reclaim biblical manhood by exploring the biblical vision for Christian men—that they build their strength upon the unique strength of Jesus.

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