Men’s Breakfast Bible Study

On the first Saturday of each month the men of the congregation gather for breakfast and Bible study at Rainbow Oaks Restaurant just north of Fallbrook. Men’s Breakfast Bible Study is a chance to catch up with the events of the past month and focus our thoughts for a short time on the message of God's Word.

Men’s Breakfast Bible Study begins at 8:00am when we get a table at the restaurant and lasts until 9:00am.

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Finding your way in a lost world

The moral standards in today’s society can be confusing. The claim that morality is relative cannot deal with the inevitable need to identify and avoid wrongdoing. Yet the common Christian approach of adopting a set of strict rules doesn’t always offer the guidance we need in a complex world.

The satisfying solution is not so much a moral code but a moral compass—a view of right and wrong that habituates Christian men toward the true north of Christ-like virtue.

The 2018 series of Men’s Breakfast Bible Study will explore the Christian approach to moral philosophy and virtue ethics by applying ancient approaches to contemporary topics like power and politics, marriage sexuality, drugs and alcohol, technology and society.

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