Online Giving

Giving is a way of life for the Christian. Our giving is prompted by the love of Christ who has given his own life as a sacrifice to buy us back from the fear of death and slavery to sin.

While we do not expect gifts from guests and visitors, we do provide an online giving portal through our website to give friends and members of the congregation an opportunity to be the cheerful givers God has made them to be.

Seeds of the Gospel

At the end of each calendar year at St. Stephen Lutheran the people of the congregation go through an important spiritual exercise. First, we review God’s perspective on Christian giving from the Bible. Second, we take time to count how God has blessed us in the past year. Third, we carefully plan our giving for the coming year of God’s grace. Through this process we renew discipline and faithfulness in the practice of Christian giving.

The program is called “Seeds of the Gospel.” Jesus urges us to see the “fertile fields” where we carry out the mission of the church. The apostle Paul commands us to “sow seeds” generously and confidently. The Bible speaks of “harvest” that God gives as a natural fruit of faithful stewardship. Seeds of the Gospel is one of the many ways our congregation seeks to equip believers for lives of Christian faith and service—encouraging you to sow generously and reap generously.



The following sermon was delivered to the members of St. Stephen Lutheran on Sunday, November 22 to kick off our annual Seeds of the Gospel program.



The following video walks you through the theology of Seeds of the Gospel and gives you an outline of the practical steps it takes to participate in the program.


Home Bible Study

The Seeds of the Gospel home Bible study allows members to work through the biblical teaching of stewardship in a brief, at-home format. If you need a copy of the Bible study, you may download a PDF copy here on our website.

The above video is a companion to this Bible study. You may find it useful to use the two together.