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Sanctuary Studies – Why do bad things happen?

  • St. Stephen Lutheran Church 1636 East Mission Road Fallbrook, CA, 92028 United States (map)

The problem of evil

“If God is perfectly loving and all powerful, then why do bad things happen?” This is the so-called “problem of evil” which has troubled Christians of all ages. The problem seems impossible to reconcile, which leads many inside and outside of the church to conclude that God doesn’t not exist, or if he does, that he is some sort of monster.

What can Christians say about the problem of evil? Why do bad things happen? And who is to blame? The only reasonable answer is the one that nobody really wants to hear: bad things happen because we make them happen.

In this session of Sanctuary Studies, Rev. Caleb Bassett will teach about the problematic consequences of human free will and its relationship to the problem of evil. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the problem facing mankind and—more importantly—the solution offered in Jesus Christ.

This session of Sanctuary Studies will meet on Sunday, August 28 at 6:30pm in the church sanctuary of St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Fallbrook.

About Sanctuary Studies

Religious discussions, admittedly, have a grim reputation, and they generally deserve it. Sanctuary Studies seeks to change the tone of the conversation.

The church should be a sanctuary to deal with doubts and grapple with hard questions. Better to explore challenges to the faith together first. Better to shed God's light on difficult topics than to grope around in the dark on our own.

That's what Sanctuary Studies is all about. We'll do the hard work of wrestling with contemporary issues, questions of doubt, and difficult scriptural doctrine. We'll do it in a way that is clear, direct, positive, and powerful. Together we'll address the challenges, deal with the doubts, and work to understand more and more each session that there is no better book for life and salvation than the Bible.

For more information about upcoming talks and previous topics, please visit the Sanctuary Studies page on our website.

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