Celebrate the inauguration of a kingdom that will never disappoint

Dear friends in Fallbrook,

Tomorrow the nation repeats its tradition of inaugurating a new president to govern as the nation’s chief executive. While the incoming president brings an unusually high level of controversy, there’s no denying the fact that many Americans are hopeful that President-elect Trump can deliver on his promises.

We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? Every new administration begins with promises of great blessing only to end with the nagging sense that opportunities were missed, promises were broken, and potential wasn’t fully realized.

Could it be that what we value can’t possibly satisfy us?

In the meantime, a president’s detractors will assign blame for the disappointment while supporters work to deflect it elsewhere. The one thing that no one ever does is to examine the very premise of our hopes and dreams. Could it be that what we value can’t possibly satisfy us?

Starting on Sunday at St. Stephen Lutheran we’re taking a close look at one of the best-known but least-understood utterances of Jesus—the Sermon on the Mount. In that famous discourse, Jesus makes the radical claim that what we value will always disappoint us because our values are out of step with the values of his eternal kingdom. The problem isn’t that we don’t push hard enough for progress, it’s that we’re pushing in the wrong direction entirely.

We’ll be looking at the counter-cultural, “uncommon sense” of the Lord Jesus for the rest of January and all of February. We’ll discover that while the way of Jesus is different than the way of the world, it is the only way that can provide lasting satisfaction and enduring blessing.

I’m looking forward to sharing Jesus’ teaching in the coming weeks and invite you to join us. We worship Sunday mornings at 9:30am—people of all ages are welcome. And if you can’t attend in person, I invite you to listen online each week by tuning in to our weekly podcast, The Sunday Sermon.

Serving in Christ,

Pastor Bassett