Warning: Storms ahead

Dear friends in Fallbrook,

In life, storms are both inevitable and unavoidable. The only question is: What will you hold onto when they hit? Most of what passes for religion—and even Christianity—today does little to provide the certainty and security we need. Too often we're pointed to our own strength and resolve to get us through. In contrast, Jesus provided exactly what we need by sending his Holy Spirit into the world on the day of Pentecost. As he promised, the Spirit's work is nothing more than to continually point us to Jesus. Jesus' work for us and his promises to us give us something solid outside of us to hold onto that is stronger than any storm.

We’re starting a new time of the Christian year at St. Stephen Lutheran this Sunday. From Advent to Easter we review the acts of Jesus. From Pentecost through the autumn we review the teachings of Jesus. Over the next seven weeks we’ll see something in common among the lessons we’ll read from Scripture—God provides an anchor to hold onto during the tumult of this life, and each anchor is stronger than the alternative.

On Sunday, May 15 we’ll start off by seeing that sending is stronger than staying. Then each week we’ll continue with the following themes:

  • Three stronger than one — May 22
  • Rest stronger than work — May 29
  • Family stronger than foes — June 5
  • Seed stronger than sight — June 12
  • Faith stronger than fear — June 19
  • Hope stronger than death — June 26

If you’ve ever felt that what Christianity tries to offer seems weak and hollow, you may be surprised to find that I agree. Over the next seven weeks I’ll be preaching from the Bible on that very topic. We’ll challenge ourselves to evaluate whether what we think are strong anchors for life truly are what we need.

Please join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30am for worship as we find an anchor in the storm, certainty and security stronger than any storm. We’re glad to have you with us.

Serving in Christ,

Pastor Bassett