Moving from prediction to proof

The big news in the scientific community this month was the discovery of “gravitational waves,” the most esoteric part of Einstein’s theory of relativity. The discovery proves something that had, until now, only been a prediction. The nature of gravity has moved from theory into fact.

Along with Christians across the globe, we at St. Stephen Lutheran are observing the time of Lent. Most people seem to know Lent as the time right after Mardi Gras, but Lent is much more than that. During Lent we consider our mortality and the cause of it. All human beings die, and the Bible has always told us why: sin. Each and every death in history is observable proof of what the Bible says: “The soul that sins is the soul that dies.” Death moves the prediction of sin and its effects from theory into fact.

While it might seem a little morbid to think about sin and death, we find that it is quite refreshing—necessary, even. Like rebooting your computer, a healthy reflection of our mortality can clean out a lot of old cruft. Christians leave the mess of sin and death at the foot of the cross and look forward with anticipation to the celebration of Easter and the victory of Jesus Christ over mortality.

Our Lenten series this year is called, “The Story of the Lamb.” The Bible is from beginning to end the story of the Lamb. The one John pointed to and said, “Look, the Lamb of God” is the same one who said, ”These are the Scriptures that testify about me.” This Lenten season we will search those Scriptures to see for ourselves the story of the Lamb. Through this Lamb God has written eternal salvation into our life's story.

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