Searching for a message that matters

I don't know about you, but I can hardly pay attention to the news anymore. There are so many voices vying for attention I don't know who I can trust. Whether it's liberal vs. conservative, church vs. state, or any of the hundreds of other conflicting ideas in the world it just seems like everything is a battle where the boundaries are always changing. What seems true today may be false tomorrow. I wonder aloud, "Where is the certainty in all this?"

Here at St. Stephen we've been searching for a message that matters, some good news that can stand the test of time. In Jesus we have found the one through whom God himself has spoken graciously, compassionately, and definitively. If that sounds like too much that's because it is. Jesus is the radiance of God's glory; encountering him will be a little unsettling. But that unsettling glory isn't meant to leave us terrified, but comforted. In Christ, God was reconciling us to himself, not counting our sins against us any longer. The more we learn about Jesus the more we realize there is a voice we can trust over the mess of life in this world, and his voice tells us remarkable truths about why we exist and what God has done for us.

I'd like to invite you to hear more this Christmas Eve in our candlelight service. All are welcome, including children. The service begins at 6:30pm on December 24th. I hope I get to see you then.